Best 5 places to eat & have a drink in Dubai!

Dubai: Nights out, Food & Drinks 

Night out

Dubai is a city with a lively nightlife so we spent many nights out. From what I have seen I could suggest two bars where you can enjoy mostly drinks but some dishes too:

1. Nola eatery and social house which is 2 times awarded with Music and Nightlife awards. At Nola, they offer Southern American food but cooked in a healthier way, excellent mocktails (cocktails with no alcohol) and often host bands for live gigs.

2. Trader Vic’s Madinat UAE which offers over 200 tropical drinks and cocktails and is the home of the official Mai Tai. They often hold events with live Cuban music and then the place is turning into a Latin American dance floor. Its location, just upon the water and near the Jumeirah Beach area makes the place even more tropical. Amazing experience!

Eat and drink

 In Dudai people rest on Friday instead of Saturday, so the Friday brunch is very common and most people enjoy it at the hotels of the city.

1. However, the brunch we had at  Shakespeare and Co is not comparable to any other, I swear! The amazing medieval atmosphere, the vintage decoration, and the dishes… oh my God, so cheap and abundant at the same time. We order a menu with eggs, yogurt with fruits and honey, bread with jam and butter, coffee and tea and only paid about 40AED (10€).

2. For lunch, I would suggest The Noodle House which you can find The Noodle Housein many places at Dubai. We went to the one that is located at the International Financial Center. I should say that with this meal I fell in love with the Asian cuisine and The Noodle House is still the best Asian restaurant I have ever been. The fun part is that they give you a catalog where you can tick your order and how spicy you want your dish to be.

3. As for dinner, I believe that BAB AL SHAMS is the best choice. This place is the definition of the word “Oasis”. BAB AL SHAMS is a resort in the middle of the desert. I would suggest to go early in the evening and get your swimsuit with you to enjoy a swim in the pools with a great desert view.Then you could dine on the higher floor of the resort while enjoying the most terrific view of the sunset. At this complex are also available activities like camel riding and table pool.

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